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“HOPE SHINES.” Michael Stromme And His Business Supporting Orphans In Rwanda. Movingly Told. Live Music. December 10, 2017. Patricia’s Paris Expat Soirées and Dinners. Sunday 3 December 2017. 19h15. (Paris Expat Soirée Supper Club. Meet New People.)


Paris Expat Soirée Supper Club. Meet New People

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(Paris Expat Soirée Supper Club. Meet New People)




“HOPE SHINES.” Michael Stromme And His Business Supporting Orphans In Rwanda.

Our Special Guest Is:
Michael Stromme
Social Entrepreneur. American Expat In Rwanda

Hope Shines:

Hope Shines is an organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) through educational and health and hygiene programs. Michael has been affiliated with the group in Rwanda. He is now developing a business aiding orphans there.Visit

In New York, Michael was “yearning for something more meaningful in my life, and felt called to be somewhere far and exotic, like the south of India.  It was then that I met the founder of Hope Shines” who told him about the volunteer summer camp program. After that experience, ” I knew my life’s trajectory had just flipped a 180.”

“Hope Shines has a new greenhouse outside Kigali where we’re growing red peppers and soon butternut squash to sell at market and hotels.  I’ve been working on a social entrepreneurship of handmade soap which will be targeted to boutique hotels.  These both will help bring revenue streams to the organization, helping to sustain it.  The kids themselves have been learning traditional Rwandan dance, and have gotten so good that they’ve performed at a couple weddings.  They will continue to perform in public, and hopefully the money earned from these events will eventually pay for their school fees.” 

Living In Rwanda (Kagali). Starting A Business To Support Orphans And Being An Expat.

It was a natural organic progression after he had the idea of starting a soap business in Rwanda. Michael originally intended to start the business in NY, with proceeds going to Hope Shines, and then bring it to Rwanda.” Earlier this year , “I knew I had to go to Rwanda to start the business and bring that model back to NY. I knew that ultimately I wanted to be living in Rwanda, as I’d always loved it and the people were so warm and welcoming, not to mention many friends I’d made over the years. “ 

Rwanda is very welcoming to visitors.  There’s a big expat community, which I’m not so much involved with.  They’re here for their jobs, mostly, and will hang out at the expensive restaurants and night clubs.  But people on the street in my area are always friendly, and adults and children alike will greet me with a Hello or Bonjour. 

The political climate is good.  The president just got voted into an historic 3rd term because he had saved the country during the genocide, and people love him here.  He’s not only kept the country safe and peaceful, but it’s now known for its development and progress.  There’s so much infrastructure improvements, and new buildings and hotels are going up all over.  There’s also a beautiful new convention center and shopping malls.  So there are many improvements, yet still so much poverty.” 

About Michael Stromme:

Michael has been an actor, teacher, and massage therapist in Los Angeles, Rome, Paris, and New York.  Having been moved and inspired by a strong purpose and calling in Rwanda, he now finds himself in the world of philanthropy and social entrepreneurship, supporting a group of orphans through an organization for which he volunteers and had served on its board.  That support has led him to start a handmade soap business in Rwanda, with proceeds supporting the organization and the children

At a trendy and fun venue – a French bistro in the Marais –  just behind BHV. at the metro Hotel de Ville (ligne 1).

GREAT FRENCH BISTRO FOOD. We’ll confirm the exact address details with the reservation!

It’s €25.00 (EXACT CHANGE) for a fun dinner. Includes 2 Courses And A Glass Or 2 Of Wine.


A Fun Dinner, a great topic, meeting and networking with, fun new international people.

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Sunday 17 December. 19h15: Special Guest To Be
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SUNDAY 11 January 2015



A Talk And Discussion

Special Guest is Randall Garrett, Longtime Paris Expat, Man About Town, Former Paris Restaurant Owner And World Traveller.

Over many years, Randy has met many people on the Paris social scene and observed a lot about  the Paris Expat world and it’s relationships.

We have just entered 2015. Let’s let Randy guide us in looking at:

The art of letting go. Men and women, let’s let go of the past.

Let’s create new relationships. What are the keys?

Let’s look at how to make these new relationships work.

ADDRESS: In the Latin Quarter at one of my favorite places: An Indian restaurant called Maharajah, 72 Boulevard St Germain at the metros Cluny La Sorbonne or Maubert Mutualité. Great Food. Gastronomic. Many mild dishes too.

There is a €6 fee. Then you can order an appetizer or a dish from the restaurant. As you like. You pay for your drink and dish directly to the restaurant.

A Fun Dinner, a great topic, and meeting fun, new international people.

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Paris Odyssey: Romare Bearden, Henri Matisse, Homer

SUNDAY 4 JANUARY  1900-2230

The Inspiration And Adventure That Led To The Realization Of This Paris Exhibition.


Odysseus Leaves Circe


(Exhibition to open January 19 at 18h30 at Reid Hall. Invitation to follow separately)

Special Guest is Robert O’Meally 

Columbia University’s Zora Neale Hurston Professor of English and Comparative Literature who conceived and curated the show.

Bob O’Meally will speak of what led to the Paris segment of the exhibition he conceived and curated on the legendary African-American artist, Romare Bearden.

The show is a modified version of the of the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition “Romare Bearden’s A Black Odyssey” that Bob also curated and that is currently at the Wallach Gallery on Columbia University’s campus in New York.

“Paris Odyssey” is the first stop of a global tour that will also include Istanbul. There are Bearden’s collages and watercolors based on Homer’s epic poems the Odyssey and the Iliad. In Paris, his work will be paired with that of Henri Matisse, the French master, who was one of Bearden’s primary artistic influences. (Bearden studied in Paris after WWII.)

Bearden’s Odyssey and Iliad series will hang side-by-side with Matisse’s own Odyssean sketches, as well as Matisse’s well-known Jazz collages. There will also be the Paris Blues series, based on his memory of his time in Paris during the 1950s.

“Bearden not only staked a claim to the tales of ancient Greece as having modern relevance, he also made the claim of global cultural collage—that as humans, we are all collages of our unique experiences,” said O’Meally.

Romare Bearden, The Artist:

Born in Charlotte, N.C., Bearden moved with his family to Harlem as a young child, part of the migration of African Americans from the South to greater opportunity in the North.

Throughout his career, Bearden created images of the lives of travelers on their way to and from home, a theme powerfully explored in his “Odysseus Series.”

Bearden, a graduate of New York University,worked in a studio in Harlem. He returned to Paris in 1950, after serving in WWII on the European front, and studied Art History and Philosophy at the Sorbonne. During this experience his style evolved more towards abstractionism, making him an important figure in post WWII aims at Avant-Garde American Art.

Upon his death in 1988, his works were dispersed across the world. This show presents an opportunity to see many important works reunited.


Address: At a beautiful and fun apartment in the center of Paris. We’ll confirm the exact address details with the reservation!

It’s €25.00 (EXACT CHANGE) for a fun dinner. Free-flowing wine.

A Fun Dinner, a great topic, meeting and networking with, fun new international people.

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