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“Mindfulness In A Time Of Terror.” Strategies For Positive Energy During Stressful Times. Susan Lindau, University of Southern California. Tom McKenzie, Jazz Bassist. December 2016. 19h15. (Paris Expat Soirée Dinner. Meet New People)

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Sunday 18 December 2016 at 19h15

(Paris Expat Soirée Dinner. Meet New People)
“Mindfulness in a Time of Terror.”  Strategies For Positive Energy During Stressful Times.”

Our Special Guests Are:

Susan Lindau

Tom McKenzie
Jazz, Pop

Strategies For Positive Energy During Stressful Times. 

You may remember that Susan  lectured on teaching mindfulness to clients suffering from depression. She still  periodically makes presentations to the (US) military on this topic.

What can we do when everything seems so uncertain, when there is anxiety and/or fear?

Says Susan:  “We will smile, laugh a bit and take some steps to connect with our own emotions which we often forget in the midst of doing nice things for our family and our friends. We will smile, breathe, laugh and exchange thoughts on what works.

 Right now: stand tall and feel rooted to the core of the earth.  Breathe.“

Susan’s talk on this fascinating subject, will include a breathing exercise, “game” and a very, short meditation.


Susan T. Lindau, LCSW is both a clinician with a private practice in Los Angeles and an Associate Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California in the School of Social Work.  She got her MSW at the University of Michigan.  A book with a chapter on mindfulness by Susan was released this year.  She also has a novel available through Amazon and is currently completing a book on living in today’s culture of trauma.

 Please visit www.lindaucounseling.com

Address: At a trendy and fun new venue – a French bistro in the Marais –  just behind BHV. at the metro Hotel de Ville (ligne 1).

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A fun dinner, a great topic, meeting and networking with, fun, new international people.

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Sunday 25 December 2016. 19h15: Special Guest to be announced.

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